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Mr. & Mrs. Holtgrave 08-20-2022

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Holtgrave!

Mr. & Mrs. Holtgrave tied the Knot on August 20th, 2022. The ceremony & Reception was held at Sugar Spring Ranch in Columbia, IL.

Groom’s Details & Getting Ready

Ryan and his crew were such a fun group to be with. We got welcomed with a giant hug and “A welcome to our wedding day” greeting. I could see the happiness Ryan had to marry his best friend, Jessica! 

Girls Getting Ready

Jessica and her girls were also so dang sweet. They all were so happy for her and couldn’t be prouder to be able to help her celebrate her special day!

Brides Details and Dress

Jessica had some of the most gorgeous flowers for her wedding – probably because I am a sucker for not only burgundy but also, I LOVE BOHO! 

Dress Zip Up

Jessica had her adorable girl Hadley with her for the ceremony. Jessica decided to allow Hadley to try on her dress before the ceremony – she made such a beautiful princess in that beautiful wedding dress! Not to mention mom also was stunning as well.

First Look

Ryan and Jessica shared a first look underneath the willow tree at Sugar Spring Ranch. It was a wonderful spot that not only had the willow tree but the water behind them.  

Family Portraits

Jessica and Ryan wanted family images captured right where they say, “I Do”. It was such a breath-taking spot. Sugar Spring Ranch has some amazing backgrounds for pictures.

Sam the Referee of Sugar Spring Ranch

Sugar Spring Ranch has a pet Zebra named Sam. Before the ceremony I sneaked over to Sam and gave him some well needed scratches and love. We became best buds in NO TIME. I snapped a picture for Jessica and Ryan so they can always remember that a Zebra was at their wedding Venue. 

Ceremony – Time to say “I Do”

The Holtgraves had a sweet and intimate ceremony under the covered pavilion at Sugar Spring Ranch. A minute before Jessica was to walk down the aisle it started to sprinkle (tears of joy from loved ones above), right when Jessica hit the aisle under the overhang it poured down like CRAZY. Let’s just say Jessica hit the aisle right at the correct moment!

Bridal Party Portraits and Fun

Jessica & Ryans Crew were such a fun bunch of friends. No matter what pose or joke I through at them, they all took it so well and it captures perfectly. 

Reception Details

The Holtgraves had the main barn at Sugar Spring Ranch transformed into a boho daydream. It was so stunning that pictures cannot do it justice. I LOVE the boho theme and I felt like I walked into a Boho paradise – ugh to go back there! Jessica and Ryan had a polaroid camera for guest to capture moments and either keep them or put them in a box for them to see later. The polaroid is one of my favorite things to see at a wedding.

First Dance, Parent Dances, Speeches & Cake

During this special time there were several members of the bridal party and guest who shed tears…. maybe even me!

Let’s get this party started

The dance floor had lots of fancy footwork from all the guests.

Barn Dip Memory 

During Jessica and Ryans reception I pulled them away from all the fun and got my mom yell on. I made every guest move from the front of the venue so I could get them a barn dip image to help them capture this special day. It definitely paid off! I LOVE IT.