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15 date ideas to do this Valentine’s Day to celebrate the day of LOVE!

As valentine’s day approaches, so does the secret planning, scheduled babysitter, reservations, flower order, and delicious chocolate candy pieces. With this day quickly approaching my husband approached me and said, “what would you like to do for this holiday”.  Being married for a long time now, my immediate thought was, “can we just stay home with no kids, have a few drinks, and watch a movie! But, realizing my significant other REALLY wanted to try hard this year and take me out, I had to think of some ideas and get back to him.


If you are anything like me, you love to make a list of ideas and give TONS of options. Here are 15 date ideas to do this Valentine’s Day as a couple to celebrate the day of LOVE!


1) Whiskey Tasting Downtown at Clark & Bourbon

2) Union Station St. Louis Wheel Ride and walk around

3) Tailgate Picnic Dinner in park or woods

4) Hermann Winery for Dinner and Wine

5) St. Louis PBR Country Bar

6) Comedy Show

7) Rock Climbing

8) Spa Date

9) Hidden Valley Ski Resort

10) Double date with Close Friends

11) Rent Cabin at Lake for weekend

12) Couples fun Paint photoshoot

13) Skyview Drive in 

14) Gun Range

15) Weekend at the Ozarks shopping and resting

Whether you and your significant other decide to stay in or venture out, remember to celebrate your Unique love story for one another!