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Molly + Zach – World’s Fair Pavilion St. Louis, MO – July 30, 202

There is something special about engagement photos in Forest Park. From taking in the incredible city views, strolling along the cobblestone roads, sights of the city park, and not to mention the gorgeous florals that bloom all around. there are endless photo opportunities in St. Louis. Molly + Zach live in Chicago while their 2024 wedding will be in St. Louis, they wanted to have their engagement phots taken in Zach’s hometown. Not only did they meet in St. Louis at undergrad school but they also both fell in love with the life and atmosphere of STL.

Molly wore a simple yet stunning dress with tan heels to compliment Zach in his black suit attire. Together they dress to impress. During outfit changes they both went more casual and relaxed. No matter what outfit they were wearing the love shined from both of them.

I am so excited to capture your wedding in June 2024 at the winery. Along with the wonderful winery atmosphere, sweet smell of wine, and love from family and friends it will be a beautiful day for all.