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Mr. + Mrs. Kempf – Sugar Spring Ranch – October 14th, 2023

The Kempf’s Sugar Spring Ranch wedding was not only an elegant rustic wedding that was a joy to be captured, but it pulled on my fall loving heart strings. From the emotional first look, romantic ceremony overlooking the breath-taking lake, enchanting smell from the home-grown florals, and to laughter throughout the whole day.

The special moment of a first look was the most touching. Mallory shared a first look with her dad, that not only brought tears to Mallory’s eyes but also mine. Michael + Mallory also shared a first look with one another along with the bridal party gazing a peek.  Michael and Mallory shared bridal gifts as well and let’s just say the gifts fit them perfectly! After having their first look we took the chance to capture bridal party images (and have a small party – WOOHOO) before ceremony began.

Mallory like myself, loves fall and all the features that come with it – colder weather, color changes, firepits, and even the florals that bloom at this time. Taking full advantage of the season, Mallory decorated and designed her wedding to the T for her fall inspiration. From pumpkin centerpieces, Brown door decorations that were made by Michael himself, fall leaves, there is nothing that was missed by Mallory and Michael on the details and decorations – and to say that she DID IT ALL THEMELVES – I am impressed. Not only was the reception decorated lovely, Mallory also had created side pieces that complimented her wedding lovely.

The Kempfs ceremony was such a beautiful wedding to remember. Along with the fall decor, nature took its part and gave an outstanding backdrop for the ceremony.

Mallory + Michael’s reception was delightful smelling with a single tiered white cake elegantly covered in buttercream and florals that was as yummy as it looked. Andres catered the reception with delightful food that everyone enjoyed. The night was such a fun filled event with many people who truly love and support Mallory + Michael.

It was truly a joy to photograph Mallory + Michael’s wedding.

Cheers to Many years together as the new Mr. & Mrs. Kempf.