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Easter Photography Ideas that are Perfect for the Coming Season

Easter is right around the corner. If you are looking to get in the spirit, you’ll want to capture plenty of Easter themed happenings and scenery. There are plenty of things you can take photos of that fit with the Easter season, but if you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect idea, here is some inspiration.

Easter Babies

Babies are soft and cuddly making them the perfect thing to photograph during the Easter season. Stick bunny ears on them and wrap them in a cuddly blanket and you can’t go wrong. Set them against an uncluttered background to make them the center of attention.

Children Playing

Children love Easter. It’s a great time for them to color eggs, go on scavenger hunts and eat candy. For this type of shoot, all you’ll need to do is get some Easter themed toys and activities ready, then set the kids loose. You’re sure to get plenty of terrific shots.

Easter Foods

Easter is all about making attractive foods that feature the colors of the season alongside plenty of chocolate. Think of attractive ways to dress up your plates and consider adding small bunny or egg toys and figurines into the mix. Food pictures are always popular on social media, so you are sure to get lots of attention when you post yours.

Family Shoots

Easter is a great time for family. You can use your own family for the shots or borrow someone else’s. They will be happy to have the photos at their disposal. An outdoor shoot in a park or field will really capture the spirit of spring.

Pet Shoots

Pet shoots can be a little more challenging because pets make unpredictable subjects but if you can master the art, you can get some terrific shots. Pets will look adorable with bunny ears on them so hopefully you can find a good-tempered dog or cat that is willing to wear them. Shoot them alongside an Easter basket or an Easter toy and you will have an awesome shot.

Easter Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photography is the latest trend. It involves taking shots of your subject while looking down on them. The subject of flat lay photography is typically food or a product so you can take your photos of food, Easter eggs and other holiday items.

Floral Themes

Easter is all about enjoying the spring which is characterized by vibrant florals. You can capture the spirit by taking pictures of floral arrangements including a wide range of colors. Tulips are ideal for the season, but any spring flower will do.

Document and Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are a fun Easter activity. When you host yours, take plenty of pictures showing participants hunting, getting clues, and finding the eggs. This makes a great photo series.

Which One

Easter is almost here. The right photos will infuse you and everyone around you with the spirit of the season. Which themes will you be incorporating in your coming shoots?